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tv   News  ABC  September 20, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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we have a guaranteed high of 78 degrees at 4:00. kim? >> we are getting word of the first accident this morning in glen glen burnie. traffic is moving well along the major beltways. it's building up some. but for the most part traffic is moving along pretty well. 95 corridor and 195 no problems. jamie? >> >> a freshman was hit and killed by a car. the incident happened at 9:45 on route 24 and red pump road in bel air. a 19 year old driver hit joey
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d'entremont. he died a short time later. the light prohibited him from walking through the crosswalk with, -- cross walk. >> i would go through hard times with my family, and he would always say, never forget your family, don't fight with them, you never know when you could lose them. and right now, i have lost him. >> dr. cohen was shot in the abdomen. the gunman paul pardus got
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upset after learning his mother's condition, and he shot and killed his mother and then shot and killed himself. >> abc news, emily has details. sarah shroud returns back to america. she was arrested and accused of spying in 2009 when she, herty anfiance -- her fiance and her friend.
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we are not spies. >> american's should release 8 8 iran yangs -- iranians. >> i don't believe it would be too much to ask to make a humanitarian gesture to release the iranians: >> there is no word from the iran president as far as release of the others. >> turkey, security cameras
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capture pictures of a 1 year old who is crawling across the crosswalk. the panic drivers call the police and return the baby to the mother. >> frank zappa several hundred fans join right here, and the bus is a replica here and many were at hand to celebrate with frank zappa. >> what the protested singer, lady gaga is expected to take part in. >> first, we want to check in with your trains and buses. mark?
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>> >> light rail and the metro subway has some delays in the travel due to the construction work. and we have the 10 and 30 buses working with the construction diversion downtown. >>
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>> it's 5:38, hurricane igor is causing a lot of problems. there is no electricity on many parts of the island. meanwhile, crew ship passengers are stranded in boston instead of enjoying the tropical paradise get-away with. >> the last flight on the island last on sunday afternoon. justin? >> good morning. we have a little bit of a
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breeze this mooring due to -- morning due to igor. we still have basically partly cloudy skies, and overall temperatures are ranging from 60s and the 70s. 67 here downtown. this afternoon, the sun and a mix of a few clouds, we will go to a guaranteed high of 78. we will have some guaranteed heat though as -- autumn comes and knocks on our door. >> let's check our drive times on 795, no delays there on route 140 down to the beltway. >> we have an accident in glen
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burnie due to a reported motorcycle accident. you will see police and emergency personnel on the screen. >> it's going to be a tough day for some students while a 14 year old freshman was killed when crossing the street. >> ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable
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>> it is now 5:43. a freshman tries crossing a street and doesn't make it, linda? >> police say it was an accident, and the driver just couldn't avoid it. joey was at two friends -- with two friends when they were crossing the road, and joey d'entremont. he was in the crosswalk, but the light prohibited him from walking. the 19 is quire old driver -- 19 year old driver had no time to stop, and hit and killed
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joey. joey was a lovable guy. >> i would go through hard times with my family, and he would say, always stick with your family, never forget thim, you never know when you can lose someone like that. and then i lost him. meanwhile funeral's have been set. tuesday 69:00 p.m. -- 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. and the funeral on the following day. >> classes at chesapeake bay high which he -- chesapeake
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middle and folger will not have school today, but they will resume tomorrow morning. >> if you are going to go at it, go at it hard, but don't disrespect the game like that. six points was given up for bs. it's embarrassing. >> the ravens could be 0-2 or 2-0. everybody has an opinion, and so we have cherie live here. >> good morning, we are here live on townsend road.
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a lot of ravens and fans are in a bad mood. the ravens were not happy with roughing the passing call with the cincinnati bengals. >> a few of the calls were a little ludicrous. as far as flacco goes, his position, he was uncomfortable the entire game. the pass protection was shady. >> if you are a ravens fan, you can clearly see that the
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call was not made right. we can't change it now. it ruined my whole weekend. >> so there you have it. some of the folks did not have a good weekend. now, they will be host tg browns on -- hosting the browns on sunday. >> a lot of people are talking about the officiating of the ravens and bengals game. we will be reading your comments this morning on good morning maryland all morning long. >> the pa trisha and -- p
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and --patricia and arthur -- we will be checking out the winds, 10-15 miles per hour wind from the east and the northeast. aberdeen, your winds are up to 20 miles per hour. and the winds out of the east and the northeast is coming from the large storm across the atlantic. it's called a hurricane, hurricane igor, however you want to say it, but it is going to start losing it's tropical characteristics as it is heading through new buns
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wick -- new brunswick. >> here is our temperature for today. we have a guaranteed high getting up to 78 degrees. breeze this morning at 15 to 20 miles per hour, and it should ease up this afternoon. we have the lighter winds slipping up to the 40s. we have is right downtown along the bay, you can cool
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down in to the 40s as well. it's going to be a chilly morning. we will go down to 79 degrees. you will notice, the temperatures are going to creep back up. we have a chance of a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow. first day of autumn, thursday, it will be 88. on saturday morning, it will be brought back to 78. and the high on sunday of 72 degrees. we have a brief bounce to the second half of the work week, and then we have cooler temperatures for the weekend with. no problems or delays on the bay bridge. we are looking at an accident?
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glen burnie, it involves a motorcycle, keep your eyes open for that and it may cause you some minor delays in that area. 29 southbound, that's a 9 minute ride. as we are looking at our cameras, you are going to see traffic light on the beltway. this is on hartford road. no issues on the 695 beltway so far. >> >> stay with us, we have more news, weather and traffic after we we return. >> ,
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>> let's look at news around the nation, parties are trying to figure out why 13 members went missing. officers are seamplegging in
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an wide area after this group -- searching in a wide area after this group said, come see me jesus. >> joe tori and don mattingly are expected to attend a ceremony today. >> and lady gaga is planning to join a ceremony at the portland campus today. >> how are social networks are away that the scammers are praying on your kids. >> they taught us a way to latch it and cinch it down
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really tight. the baby's seat was moving around a bit. >> tips to know before you are strapping your newborns in. >> winds out of the north gusting up to 18 miles per hour. we have a big warmup coming later this week. let's check the traffic. we have a -- an accident in glen burnie. and i will have more details after a -- after we return. >> old gibbs canning company.
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today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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>> now, good morning, maryland. >> at 14, parents should be attending your football game, not your funeral. it's going to be a hard week
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for students after losing a class -- classmate. >> what happened to the ravening yesterday? they call it in the newspaper, sloppy joe. >> good morning to you. we are brushing off a big storm on the east coast. it's hurricane igor. it hits bermuda. it's a category 1 storm overnight. for us, we have the backside of that and we have an approaching high pressure, and it is giving us a gusty and breezy morning with summer temperatures. it's 67 in baltimore, but it may not feel like it because of the breeze


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